circaid Built-In-Pressure system (BPS)

Patentierte Technologie

Präzise unelastische Kompression

circaid inelastic compression garments are engineered with the ability to be set to precise compression ranges with a graduated compression profile from the ankle up the leg or from the wrist to the upper arm.

The user-friendly design of the circaid Built-In-Pressure system (BPS) enables patients to achieve the necessary compression ranges needed for the treatment and management of chronic venous diseases and lymphoedema.

With the circaid Built-In-Pressure system (BPS) guide card patients are able to set their prescribed compression range while donning their garment and to readjust the compression range during the day as needed. Therefore, the appropriate compression range is ensured throughout the period of wear. Simultaneously, it is very simple to verify the correct range of applied pressure.